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27 Reasons To Drink Rain Soul

Good oil in Rain Soul will keep the Red Blood Cell flowing freely after drinking it for 60 minute.

 Rain Soul Weight Loss Diet Omega 3

1931 Nobel Conference, Germany

Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg (Biochemist-1931 Nobel Prize in Medicine) discovered, most basic, cause of cancer is too little oxygen getting into the cell, which creates an acidic state in the human body. Cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen).

“Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.”

The body requires special fats that, among other important functions, make it possible for sufficient oxygen to reach the cells via the cellular membranes, which are the key. These specials fats are highly oxygen-absorbing.

Called essential fatty acids, or EFAs, these special fats must be supplied from outside the body every day, from foods and certain oils, because your body can’t manufacture them on its own.

(1) Red Blood Cell Flow Freely After Consuming Rain Soul For 60 minutes

(2) Alkaline the blood

(3) Diabetes

Improve of diabetes after consuming Rain Soul for 114 days.

(4) Diabetes

Improve wound after consuming Rain Soul for 2 weeks.

(5) Eczema

Improve of Eczema after consuming Rain Soul for 60 days.

(6) Eczema

Improve from Eczema on the feet.

(7) Eczema for 7 years

Improve from Eczema after consuming Rain Soul for 3 weeks.

(8) Eczema on whole body

Improve from Eczema gradually after consuming Rain Soul for 5 days.

(9) Lost weight / Weight Loss

Lost weight after taking Rain Soul for 3 months

(10) Psoriasis

Recovered from Psoriasis after 58 days.

(11) Edema

Recovered gradually  from Edema after 3 weeks

(12) Leukaemia

Improved gradually from leukaemia

(13) Improve Skin Problem, Water Retention and Hormone Imbalance, skin become firmer and brighter.

Full of energy.

(14) Skin Problem

Improve skin problem after 30 days of consuming Rain Soul.

(15) Depression

Improve depression and skin problem

 (16) Improve memory

Children can study better after consuming Rain Soul.

(17) Improve Retina

Improve blood clog and can see clearer after consuming Rain Soul after taking 5 packets of Rain Soul.


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